How Special Education teachers can

save time, money, and overwhelm without

sacrificing their nights and weekends! 

The SpEd Transition Teacher Community monthly membership is the best way for high school and transition special education teachers to save time and money while filling your classroom with age appropriate lesson resources and your teacher-toolbox with valuable tips, strategies, and ideas.    

You are a Special Education teacher


Therefore, you feel:

  • Tired of creating every resource from scratch
  • Overwhelmed by all of your student’s different needs
  • Annoyed by your hard-earned money going to resources with immature images
  • Stressed preparing students for graduation and exit from special ed services
  • Frustrated by the lack of training available to your specific role
  • And just plain burned out due to the lack of support you feel.  


Let’s be honest, you don’t have the money, time, or energy to buy, Google, and Pinterest every resource, tip, and training you need to feel ahead of the teaching game.    


And when you feel like you are all alone in this teaching profession, because you are the only sped teacher in your school, your students are so unique, or you have a different perspective than your fellow co-workers then you feel like you have no one to turn to


…for a review activity for a life skill with pictures of teens and not oddly-shaped kids

…for a meaningful transition assessment that’s easy to understand and complete

…for a suggestion for a training or professional development that you know will be worthwhile

…for a strategy to increase engagement when your lesson routine is off.  


These struggles exacerbate the feelings of stress, frustration, and overwhelm.  It’s a vicious cycle and the hamster wheel can be awfully hard to jump of off.  


And when those feelings start to pull your work day longer and longer into the night, when they start to take over your weekends, when they start to wake you up from your sleep and steal your quality time with friends, family, and your hobbies, you know burnout is near.  


Sadly, you know that your school won’t suddenly be approved to hire more support staff, they won’t find a jackpot of money to pay for all the materials and resources you request, and they won’t research and send you valuable trainings for exactly what you need.  


Those may be the best solutions to your needs, but they are highly unlikely.  And even if they were possible, they should have been offered or given to you by now.

Curious how you can reduce your to-do list and enjoy your time outside of work?


SpEd Transition Teacher Community Membership


Resources, training, and helpful transition-specific information sent to your inbox,  so that you don’t have to pry open your school computer at nights or on the weekends.

If you are like most special education high school and transition teachers, you have little to no time to dedicate to the parts of your job that really matter



You need age appropriate resources sent straight to your email Inbox.


You need trainings relevant to your students, your families, and your position.


You need useful tips, valuable information, and helpful websites all in one place.  

You need a way to lighten your teacher load because...


  • You deserve these resources to be created by an experienced teacher.
  • You deserve trainings with a small time commitment and big pay off.
  • You deserve for tips, information, and websites to automatically show up in your email Inbox (no searching required).    
  • And…when your need is so specific, you deserve a network of fellow educators ready and willing to share ideas and answer your questions.

You don’t deserve for your nights and weekends to be bogged down with school work.


You deserve quality resources, relevant training, and meaningful tips and information given to you!

Imagine this…


Many students in your class need to increase their independence with using a debit card to pay, so you go into your Lessons folder, open up a resource, hit Print, and boom, you are prepped and ready for next week.  


You watch a 15 minute video (or graze a PDF) and write down 3 strategies to can use when you call a parent back about the functional IEP goals you drafted. 


You open up an email and see a link to a website with a map of all the college experience programs offered in the US.  You immediately send that link to a parent and student who are considering options for after graduation.  


Let’s notice….


  • You didn’t add a single thing to your to-do list.
  • You didn’t watch an hour long webinar for only 2 minutes of worthwhile information.
  • You didn’t open up a new tab on your browser and fall down an hour-long rabbit hold searching Googling for answers. 


THAT is how you save time. 

THAT is how you lower stress. 

THAT is how you get what you need to be efficient and effective as a special education teacher!

High school and transition special education teacher needs continue to leave them spending their own time and energy outside of the school day.


Now there is a way to save time, save energy, and save money. 

The SpEd Transition Teacher Community Membership!


The SpEd Transition Teacher Community is a monthly resource and support membership for high school and transition special education teachers.   


This membership is the best way to save time, energy, and money while filling your classroom with age appropriate lesson resources and your teacher-toolbox with valuable tips, strategies, and ideas.


So if you are looking for resources, training, support, strategies, tips, or ideas- this membership has you covered! 

Tell me more!   You will get…


Monthly Age Appropriate Resources

Between 2-4 age appropriate resources sent to your email Inbox on the 1st of the month.  Resources are created for high school and transition age students and will cover topics like life skills, transition, independent living, etc.


Welcome to the Community Resource

Right after you join this amazing community you'll be emailed a resource that you can use immediately to support your students and draft IEP's 


Weekly '3 Transition Things' Emails

A short but valuable email sent each Thursday with a transition-specific Thought, Tip, and Take Action.


Secret Members-Only Blog Posts

Where I share the how-tos, need-to-knows, and in-depth thoughts with members only.


Members-Only Community Interactive Website

Gain access to resources, watch past Facebook Lives, ask and answer questions with the community, and more!

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

If you frequent social media, this is a great way to stay connected, join weekly Facebook Lives, and ask questions directly to the larger community.

Transition Resource Library

25+ Downloadable resources and access to past Facebook Live videos and accompanying PDF's.


'Ask Me Anything' 45 min Video Call with Me! (1-time only offer)

Are you new to transition and have no idea where to start? Do you have a specific burning question that would be hard to ask via email? Do you want to bounce an idea off of someone who just gets it? Let's find a date and time to meet via Zoom and let's get your questions answered.

That ‘I’m so busy’ feeling shouldn’t be a badge of honor, it means you need better supports!  


The SpEd Transition Teacher Community Membership is for YOU if you...


  • Are ready for stress free weekends where you don’t need to worry about creating quality, age appropriate resources for the week ahead.  
  • Are ready to spend less time each night creating lessons or attending training.
  • Are ready if you want your lunch break back
  • Are ready if you want a few more dollars in your pocket instead of spent on resources. 
  • Are ready if you want the ‘upper hand’ with tips, ideas, suggestions, and strategies so you are more effective and efficient in your day-to-day duties.
  • Are ready if you want more family time, more friend time, more self-care time, more hobby time, and more sleep!   

If you’re curious what else you get as part of the membership, then check out these awesome perks:

Weekly 3 Transition Things Email

Thursday morning email with 1 Thought, 1 Tip, and 1 Take Action all related to transition (because all of your students have transition plans, so it just makes sense). 

Special Access

Members-Only Facebook Group and (non-social media) community platform to ask questions and engage with others. 

For Your Eyes Only

Secret blog posts on hot topics you need and want to know more about. 

1:1 Time

A one-time 45 minute Zoom call with me so we can chat specifically about your questions, queries, and curiosities.

A Quick Glimpse Inside the Community...

Don't pay thousands for a Master's degree just to learn specifically about Transition


Save your hard earned money and learn what you really need to know to be a better educator from me and fellow community members.

Save yourself from adding 'Create this resource' to your to-do list


With a library of resources (and more added constantly), just click Download and Print and shorten that overwhelming to-do list!

Stop spending time asking youself, 'How do other teachers do it all?'


Save yourself time from running to other teacher's classrooms to get answers.  Drop a question to the community or watch and read from the comfort of your desk chair

This membership is more valuable than a 1-time use resource


There are NO 'cut and paste' worksheets here.  Period! Because, how valuable is the gluing skill anyways?


Stretch your dollar and your knowledge!  You'll level-up your teaching game with information and skills to be a better educator both in the classroom and when serving your students and families.

Serving high school and transition-age students requires a special teacher toolbox


Supporting 14yr old+ students is FAR more than just the results of a couple assessments on the IEP Transition Plan.


Teaching is the great art of stealing (the good ideas) and I'm offering up E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G I've learned as a high school and transition teacher.  That includes teaching, writing IEP's, and supporting students and families as they prepare for post-school life.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Money Back Guarantee


Your hard-earned money is sacred and the last thing you want to do is spend it on another resource that isn’t going to meet your needs.  I get it!


If after the 1st 7 days you don’t find the resources, learning, and community access valuable and appropriate for your classroom needs, you can request a full refund by emailing [email protected].    



If you're ready to take some of that stress, overwhelm, and annoying tasks off your to-do list, then it’s time to join the community.


Pause at Any Time

Going on maternity/paternity leave? Starting your administrative internship?

No matter the reason, you can pause your membership at any time. 

When you're ready, come on back! 

I can’t wait for you to join this incredible community of supportive educators.  


Some of us teach high school and others teach transition, some may be transition coordinators and others might be program chairs, but we are all educators, regardless of our titles. 

With this overarching commonality we have a collective desire to share what we learn, offer support through ideas, and be there to learn, grow, and celebrate together.  

I feel so lucky to be able to create a safe space for educators like us to network.  I know that this community can change the future for students and families and WOW, that's an incredible feeling and movement to be a part of.  



Let me share a little bit about myself


Before creating SpEd Transition Teacher community...


Before the first '3 Transition Things' email was sent...


Before offering my resources on TeachersPayTeachers...


I was co-teaching math classes to high school freshman.  I was creating self-contained consumer math curriculum from scratch long after contract hours.  I was Googling 'Special Education Teacher communities' late at night.  


I knew what I needed, but couldn't find what I wanted.  So...


I became the author of A Love for Special Learning blog.

I became the creator of quality resources for high school and transition special education teachers. 

I became the leader of the SpEd Transition Teacher Community.  

And, I did ALL of this while loving macaroni and cheese, chocolate, wine, and running.