The Basics of Benefits:

The First Step to Understanding Services Available to Students After High School & Transition

for high school and transition special education teachers & transition coordinators who want to better support students and families as they access adult services


If you teach high school or transition special education...

Does this sound familiar?


What’s a government benefit?


My school cut the Transition Coordinator position.  Who is supposed to help my families now?


I want to help my students and families get connected to government and community benefits, but I don’t even know where to start!


Let’s get the basics outline first!


A government benefit is a financial or supportive opportunity offered at the federal or state level intended to support individuals with disabilities.  



If you aren’t supported by a transition coordinator in your school or want to better support your families in accessing government or community benefits but aren’t sure where to start, then this is the training for you


Getting your mindset focused on the tasks that matter most will get you started on the right path! 




Prioritizing Time

Teaching is priority #1 and connecting your young adults and families to benefits is priority #2.


Learning the Basics

How to learn the Who, What, Where, and When of government and community benefits.


Making Connections

How to find and connect with reputable people in your local benefit community.


A Note From The Instructor...

I’ve been overwhelmed and confused about government and community benefits just like you.  Once I changed my mindset, I was open to learning, supporting families, and began to prioritize time in my work day to connecting families with benefits.  Shifting from ‘that’s someone else's job’ to ‘I’m the best person to support my families’ made all the difference.  If your families lack trust in other agencies or are unaware of what’s available to support them and their student, then this training is a great place to start in helping your families get the benefits they deserve.