A Transition Skills Goal Bank for the Modern Young Adult

A resource with OVER 900 Independent Living, Training, Education, and Employment skills for current high school and transition age students.

The next most valuable resource in your teaching toolbox, this 52 page resource was designed to answer the most common question when writing transition plans and IEP goals,

'What skill(s) should the student learn to be ready to real life?' 

From money and digital skills in Independent Living, to awareness of academic demand in Education, to pre-vocational skills in Training, and expanding career awareness in Employment,  this resource will have you answering that question in no time! 



With each section divided into categories to support skill growth and progression, this resource is 900+ skills deep and appropriate for your students with both high and low support needs.

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More than just a goal bank…


Develop a Scope & Sequence

User-friendly resource to reference while developing a program/classroom scope and sequence 


Collaborate & Plan

Easily collaborate with a large team on the next best skill to address with a student or class using the comprehensive and highly organized skill-building list of independent living, education, training, and employment skills


Teach Modern Skills

Ensure you are teaching the most relevant and up-to-date skills that current young adults needs to live successfuly post-exit


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