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Consumer Math + Projects

A consumer math curriculum that supports lower-level readers in navigating real world financial situtations.


Forget teaching from an outdated textbook and academically challening boxed educational program, this curriculum was designed for high school and transition age students who learn best from simple, clear language, real-life examples, and mature design.   

This 1,150+ page curriculum includes 26 lesson units and 4 cumulative projects to teach today's modern student. 


Lesson Units Include:

  • Four/Five day lesson plans
  • Flow chart to show how all consumer math topics are intertwined
  • Student notes cover page with brain teaser
  • 1 page introductory reading passage
  • Reading passage comprehension questions
  • Writing prompts to activate prior knowledge
  • Two levels of notes (differentiated)
  • Guided notes
  • Guided practice activity
  • Independent pracitce actvity
  • Two levels of assessment (differentiated)
  • Word search
  • 16 Task cards (also available as Boom Cards for automatic grading)
  • 6 Question functional math review
  • Answer keys


Cumulative Projects

The curriculum also includes four (4) cumulative projects where students choose a desired job (such as an entry level position) and base all other financial decisions from an average expected income.  Each project simulates drafting a personal budget as a young adult for real-world feel application.

The purposeful design of each project keeps previously learned skills top of mind through repeition and meaningful application which are necessary for skill retention. 


Lesson Unit Topics

  • Bank Services (Personal banking)
  • Budgeting
  • Buying a Car 
  • Checking Account 
  • College Class and Tuition
  • Comparison Shopping
  • Debit Card
  • Discount
  • Estimation
  • Filing Taxes
  • Geometry
  • Goal Setting
  • Income
  • Income Tax
  • Insurance
  • Loan and Credit Card
  • Meal Prep
  • Monthly Food
  • Mortgage
  • Public Transportation
  • Rent
  • Sales Tax
  • Savings Account
  • Tip
  • Time Management
  • Trip Planning


Licensing Guide


Single Curriculum (Standard)

  • Remains with a single teacher
  • Restricted from transfering to another teacher
  • Price of a single curriculum


Additional License

  • Remains with a single teacher
  • Necessary if more than 1 teacher will be using the resources in their classroom
  • Restricted from transfering to another teacher
  • 10% off the curriculum price for an additional teacher


Classroom License

  • Remains with the school
  • Transferable between teachers
  • Allows the school to keep the curriculum even if the teacher teaching the course changes
  • Additional fee added to the curriculum price per course section or classroom