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Consumer Math Blog Series: How I Teach...

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Over the course of the highly unusual 2020-2021 school year I’ll be releasing blog posts about each of the consumer math topics that make up my consumer math curriculum! My hope is to give your brain some new ways to think about the resources and to show you why I created the lesson unit and how I have used it in my own classroom.

Yes, I’ll admit that I wrote these from the perspective of teaching in person, however the beauty of the lesson units is that they are DIGITAL (Google Classroom friendly) and many of the things can be executed from a Zoom-style video call :)

Here is a breakdown of how each blog post will look:

Purpose of Teaching (insert subject here)

This will share why I found this topic necessary to teach my students. It will give a little backstory behind the development and I bet you will see your own students in my experience.

Key-Must-Teach Concepts

I identify 2-4 MUST TEACH concepts that students should come away with.

Lesson Objective

I took the lesson’s objective and dropped it here :)

Lesson Unit Break Down

I break down the lessons 4 or 5 day structure through a brief overview of what each day will include.

Reading Passage Options

Here you will find ways to use the Reading Passage (1 page narrative, T/F questions, and writing prompts) in new and different ways. Yes, variety can keep your teaching style fun and unexpected.

Task Card Ideas

Much like the Reading Passage Options, I list a new way to use the task cards here. Task cards are SO VERSATILE and can be used in person, in a group, via Zoom, in partners, and everywhere!

Further Practice Ideas

I’ve outlined ways for you to further implement in your community or stretch the content to last another day or 2. No two teaching schedules (or department budgets) are alike and I think having a level of flexibility for both your schedule and your specific students is a good thing!

Ultimate Goal of the Lesson Unit

The ONE thing I hope your students come away with from this lesson is listed here. This should be the ‘all students should learn/be able to do’ part of your lesson plan writing (for those who need to still have to submit those).

May I Also Suggest Teaching

If you are looking for ways to round out the content, then I’ve identified what else I would teach with this lesson. This is a great section to read if you are new to teaching this curriculum or if you didn’t grab the whole curriculum and want to further expand your consumer math lesson toolbox.

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