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How to Explain SSI to Parents of Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

‘We can support them financially, we don’t need the money.’

‘Wow, that care and programming is really expensive. I’m so used to the school providing those services.’

‘I think we will worry about that later. Let’s focus on school right now.’

I’ve heard some iteration of each of those statements when I would explain Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, to families. Some families didn't understand what it was, some didn’t understand the significance, and some didn’t feel they needed it. I get it, it’s confusing, government based, and it’s yet another thing parents and families have to do for their child.

IF you think knowledge is power and having an easy to understand 1 page overview of what SSI is, why it is important, and how to access it, then keep reading!

I have a document like this and I send it to families who are hearing about SSI for the first time. This type of 1-pager is sometimes what parents and families need to really understand the why, to understand the how, and to understand the when. Since I have seen it make a big difference for some families in their willingness to start the process, I’m offering it for FREE to you.

Consider it a gift for doing the Google search, finding this blog post, and reading all the way until this point. Click HERE or the picture above to download it.

If you think this is helpful and you want to know more, please reach out! You can write me an email at info@aloveforspeciallearning.com or CONTACT ME.

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