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Over 50 Community Based Instruction Outing Ideas

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Sometimes, you just need a long list of community based instruction outing ideas!

“Here at the Transition Center our young adults are out in the community the large majority of the time.” That’s one of my most frequently used opening lines when people ask me, “What is the Transition Center?” or “What do you do?” Let me break that down a little. The Transition Center is a post high school program for students with disabilities who are 18-22 years old. My staff and I refer to our ‘students’ as young adults as we like to distinguish the difference between school and the ‘real life experience’ they have at our program.

So, what do we do when we are ‘out in the community?’ you ask? Well, we do a plethora of things. Below is a list of 50+ community based instruction outing activities we do, some are daily outings and others are once a year type activities. Either way, I hope this gets your creative juices flowing!

50+ Community Based Instruction Outing Ideas

  1. Grocery store

  2. Bank

  3. Bulk grocery store

  4. Fitness center (YMCA)

  5. Craft store (check out their group classes too)

  6. Toy store

  7. Mall

  8. Museum

  9. Zoo

  10. Park

  11. Adaptive equipment park

  12. Water park

  13. Driving range

  14. Mini golf

  15. Pumpkin patch/apple orchard

  16. Trampoline park

  17. Community college- vocational or continuing education classes, free concerts

  18. Bowling

  19. Bocce

  20. Bags/corn hole

  21. Medieval times

  22. Arcade

  23. Roller rink

  24. Art gallery (extra points for galleries that have artists with special needs- yes, they do exist)

  25. Decorate cookies/cupcakes

  26. Lowes/Home Depot (or local hardware store) classes

  27. Gardening store

  28. Volunteer for local senior citizens (raking leaves, for example)

  29. Paint ceramics

  30. Take public transportation (bus, train, etc)

  31. Calculate tip at sit-down restaurants

  32. Arcade

  33. Horseback riding

  34. Adaptive sailing

  35. Arboretums

  36. Conservatories and botanical gardens

  37. Tour local businesses to learn about different job opportunities

  38. Make pizza at local pizza restaurants

  39. Taken clothes to the dry cleaners

  40. Class at the Apple store (learned about different apps and technologies)

  41. Yoga

  42. Visit a sensory room or snoezelen room

  43. Assist at an animal rescue center

  44. Tie dye shirts/pillow cases/socks

  45. Set up an obstacle course at a local park

  46. Frisbee golf

  47. Check out a movie from a library or RedBox/Movie Rental store

  48. Visit a therapy dog

  49. Get a Clean-Up manicure or pedicure (parents usually take care of this task and might appreciate a week off)

  50. Flower arranging class

  51. Guided painting class

  52. Watch a play at a local theatre

  53. Make-up lesson (for ladies who might be going on interviews in the future)

  54. Dance class

  55. Thrift store shopping

  56. (I’ll add more as I discover more!)

Red and green LED lights and bubble tube in dimly lit room
Sensory Room

There you have it! Taking community based instruction outing is the only way for your students to access their local community and learn the skills in the actual environment, so go- get out there!

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