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Teacher Accountability during E-Learning: COVD19 Closes Schools

If you are working from home during the COVD19 school closures, then consider reading these blog posts. Teacher accountability during this time can mean that you need to log a certain number of hours through lesson planning, online contact with students, and by completing your own professional development. If you have to account for your time and want to spend a little of it learning things that will help you as an educator, then these few posts are for you!

These 10 posts will give you 1.) new ideas for ways to use resources you may already own when you can get back into the classroom, 2.) awareness of resources you may want to consider grabbing, and 3.) hopefully a smile.

Blogs from A Love for Special Learning

Total Read Time- 17 minutes

  1. Spring Cleaning Tips for Teachers

  2. 10 Ways to Use Reading Passages in Your Classroom

  3. How to Use Task Cards- 10 Different and New Ways

  4. Transition Plan Assessment- Informal Parent Interview Conversation Guide

  5. Over 50 Community Based Instruction Outing Ideas

  6. Life Skills Assessment- Inventory of Independent Living and Functional Skills

Blog Posts and Resources from Other Special Education Teachers

  1. The Sped Tech Teacher Blog- Everything she posts!

  2. Adulting Made Easy- Classroom & On Campus Jobs List

  3. Ms LuLu Special Ed- Resources and Freebies!

  4. Support for Special Students- Sensory Bin Supplies from the Dollar Store

May I also recommend a resource you can send to families during the COVD19 school closure break for FREE (they don’t even need to print it, they can mark on it from the photos edit mode on their phone)? Access the Life Skills and Consumer Math BINGO Boards through my Free Resources section. Need the password? Sign up for my newsletter, the password will be sent directly to your inbox!

May your teacher accountability be high, your worries and stress be low, and you and your loved ones healthy!

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