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Take Advantage Illinois


Take Advantage Illinois is an email series for educators and families who want to better understand how to access the 15 most common benefits, including services, supports, and funding, for young adults with disabilities in Illinois.  


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Getting the Right Benefits is Figure-Out-Able


With easy-to-understand language and clear, detailed steps, both educators and families will gain understanding and confidence to take the first step to apply for benefits for their students or loved ones. 

By answering frequently asked questions like...

‘Why would I…?’

‘When do I…?’

‘How do I…?’

and ‘What do I…?’...

each email makes accessing benefits figure-out-able. 

Take Advantage Illinois is proof that getting individuals connected to the right benefits doesn’t need to be overwhelming, confusing, costly, or time-consuming!

What to Expect:

  • Check your email to immediately find the pre-series guide 'Start Here'
  • The first benefit-focused email on PUNS is sent three days later, just enough time to review and digest the pre-series Start Here guide
  • Expect weekly follow-up emails covering a variety of benefits arrive to your inbox for the next 14 weeks, rounding out the email series

Each Email Includes:

  • Benefit overview, including what it is, who is eligible, how it helps, time and energy committment, and when to pursue
  • Step-by-step guide for preparing to apply, what to expect during the application process, how to navigate the approval process, and necessary follow-up
  • Common mistakes and frustrations when applying for the benefit
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Contact information
  • 1 page materials to gather list and to-do checklist for each step

Benefits You'll Learn About


  • PUNS
  • SSI
  • DHS Funding


  • Medicaid
  • SSDI & Medicare
  • Dept of Rehab Services


  • Letter of Intent
  • Supported Decision Making
  • Power of Attorney
  • Guardianship
  • ABLE & Special Needs Trust
  • Respite
  • Housing Options
  • State ID
  • College Supports & Experience programs

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All pre-orders will have access to future updates, including podcast-style audio recordings of each guide for easy listening.  


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As a special educator, I find Heather's Illinois Benefit Email Series to be an invaluable resource for myself and for families. I feel more confident in my ability to understand and explain these complicated topics having read her comprehensible, straightforward breakdowns. I will definitely be recommending families and fellow educators to sign up for this email series for the ultimate go-to resource about accessing Illinois benefits! 

-Ashley, Transition Special Education Teacher and Case Manager

Why an Email Series?

Because opening an email is E-A-S-Y!


Educators and families... 

...don't want to click around from website to website for hours and hours with no real direction or confirmation they are on the right path to accessing a benefit.

...don't have extra time to scroll endlessly through social media posts with the hope of finding the answers their questions.  

...don't need to spend $$$ to get individuals with disabilities set-up with the benefits that will help them achieve their long-term goals.  


Opening an email whenever and wherever you want just makes sense! 

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