Over 30 Community Vocational Student Volunteer Site Ideas

life skills teaching experience transition planning Jul 09, 2023
If you are ready to switch up your student’s community vocational sites, want more vocational experience options for students to choose from, or just know your community has more to offer than just hotels and restaurants, then review the list below!



I’m sharing over 30 community vocational sites where students could volunteer to increase their vocational skills! If you are wondering if these are REALLY places students can volunteer, know that list was generated from personal experience! 
*Specific business names not identified  



Over 30 Community Vocational Site Idea

  1. Pet cemetery
  2. Yoga studio
  3. Food production factories
  4. Elementary school- buildings and grounds dept & main office
  5. Daycare
  6. Pet supply store
  7. Second hand store- i.e. Goodwill/Salvation Army
  8. Professional office (i.e. medical records)
  9. Furniture assembly
  10. Fitness center
  11. Tutoring center
  12. Religious centers (i.e. churches, temples, etc)
  13. Bowling alley
  14. Gardening and landscaping center/nursery
  15. Library
  16. Senior assisted living 
  17. Video and gaming store
  18. Horse stables
  19. Food pantry
  20. Chamber of Commerce office
  21. T-shirt pressing company
  22. Mattress factory
  23. Comic book store
  24. Data entry
  25. Professional cleaning warehouse
  26. Assembly factory
  27. Event space
  28. Clothing boutique 
  29. Hotel
  30. Restaurant
  31. Convenience/Pharmacy store
  32. Grocery store

If you are curious about the specific tasks students completed at these locations, email me directly (i[email protected]) and I’ll share more! 


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