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Functional Math 10 Skill Worksheet
5 Skills (Voc, Safety, Cooking, Transition Plan, Reading) Worksheet Preview
Consumer Math Skill Practice Worksheet Preview
Life Skills Daily Warm Up Worksheet Preview
Checking Account Lesson Unit Preview
Paying Bills Mini Lesson
Functional Math Worksheet Preview
Kitchen Safety Lesson Preview
Age of Majority Visual & Worksheet
Geometry Jeopardy
Store Scavenger Hunt
Related Service At-A-Glance (Google Sheet)
Money Skills- Transition Skills IEP Goal Bank
Halloween Money Activity
CBI Outing Skill LIst
Sales Tax, Tip, & Discount Restaurant Practice
Student Username/Password Resource
End of the Day- Classroom Responsibilities
IEP Transition Plan Checklist Post-It Notes
Consumer Math Food Budget Boom Cards
Thankful for...
Budget Word Search
Welcome Email Series - Scripts
How to Write a Transition Plan Guide
End of the Year Reflection Worksheet
I have, Who has Rent Review Game
Doing the Dishes Review Game
Lesson Reflection
Table Manners Word Search
Applying Deodorant Video
Order at a Restaurant Boom Deck
Transition Parent Assessment
Table Setting Visual
Consumer Math Questionnaire
Life Skills & Consumer Math BINGO
Boom Cards
Positive Postcards
Good News Review
New Year, New Goals
Good News Review (Fillable PDF only)
Question of the Day
Task Card Holder Labels
10 Minute Meaningful Time Fills
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Jun 19, 2024

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Jun 12, 2024

Disability Benefits: Options for Adults with Autism

Jun 04, 2024

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