School Staff Gift Guide: 10 Gift Ideas for Support Staff

teacher experience Nov 11, 2019

It’s usually about the end of November or early December that my fellow teachers and I realize that we should start discussing paraprofessionals and support staff gifts ideas for our incredible staff. Sadly, we’ve usually missed the prime Black Friday deals and there isn’t much time for shopping around or personalizing. Well, I decided to get ahead this year (like I said I would last year) and started making a list in my phone of the ideas that would pop in my head throughout the year. Thankfully, you’ll benefit from this year long brainstorming and so will your amazing support staff.


REMINDER - Don’t forget to gift the secretary who welcomes and directs all your parents to IEP meetings and the janitor who cleans up your messy classroom- they deserve some love this holiday season as well!


Gift Ideas

Here is the gift ideas in cost order ($= $10 or less, $$ = $10-$20, $$$= $20 and up), and no, these are NOT sponsored in any way:

Monogrammed Flair Pen- $

If your support staff have to grade papers at least they should do it in style! Throw in one of the many pencil bags for an even cuter touch!

Check out and search TwoTinyTeachers -


Personalized Notepads and Post It Notes- $

If your desk is anything like mine, then you use an incredible number of post-it notes on a daily basis. I also leave post it notes for my staff and they leave them for me. So, they get used quite frequently. Again, why not get it personalized!

Check out and search Theory5Designs for some great options! -


Space Mask Self Heating Eye Mask- $

Want a gift that your staff could use that very day? Consider the self heating eye mask. Enjoy a relaxing, warm, and jasmine-filled 15 minutes with this out-of-this-world eye mask!


Shower Tablets in Lavender- $

Is this year especially crazy (no, just me)? If you go home overwhelmed and exhausted, then your staff probably do too! These shower tablets smell amazing and are so fun! Place one on the floor of the shower and the draining water will fill the whole bathroom with a lovely and relaxing scent.


Lindsay’s Letters Printables- $

If you have card stock and a color printer then you are set! These $10 printable designs are super cute, great for both ladies and gentleman, and come in a variety of designs. Sadly, Lindsey’s daughter suffered a TBI earlier this year and if you follow her on Instagram you can follow the progress that her daughter is making. Needless to say, if you make a purchase you will be supporting a small business, a women owned business, and a family in need!


Keurigs- $$

If your classroom, office, or break room has a Keurig, then this is a great gift. It’s seasonally appropriate (since most classrooms this time of year are freezing), you can now get tea, hot chocolate, and coffee varieties, and they are cost effective! Just start noticing what flavors your support staff make themselves each day or make personalized suggestions. Throw in a monogrammed coffee cup to take the gift over the top!

Check out your local Target, grocery store, or Amazon (for bulk)

Starbucks Hot Cocoa Keurig

Holiday Chocolate Bark Bundle- $$

Sugarfina is everything! If you don’t have a Fannie Mae near you, then check out this peppermint bark gift box. A great price for 3 delicious and seasonal chocolate barks!


Personalized Clipboard- $$ and up

If your staff is required to take data (that’s like 100%, right?), then at least make the clipboard cute! The options are really endless!

Check out and search ‘Personalized clipboard’


Seat Cushion- $$$

Does your support staff use whatever random (and usually old) chair that’s available to sit in? If so, maybe upgrade their cushion to something more comfy! A cushion is cheaper than a new chair and could even transfer with them between classrooms!

Check out Amazon’s Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion-


Double Good Popcorn- $$$

Who doesn’t love popcorn? The company is really special, their popcorn is both delicious and it gives back. A whopping 50% of their sales are donated to programs that support individuals with disabilities. It truly is a double win! There are lots of flavors and variety packs, so grab the largest pack for the best deal!

This support staff gift guide will help you find great Christmas and end of year presents.  School support staff include teachers, secretaries, classroom aides, paraprofessionals, janitors, and interpreters.  Show your appreciation for the work they do all school year long with a thoughtful and kind gift this holiday season.  These gift ideas range in price and include personalization options, a few even give back to charities. 
Gift Guide 2019

Now go, get your paraprofessionals and support staff gifts that they deserve, will love, and will (hopefully) use!

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