Teacher on Summer Break: Maximum Level Summer Fun Challenge Checklist

special education teachers teacher experience May 13, 2020

No, this detox isn’t like the new hair trend where you put lemon juice in your hair to deep clean it and then wait for the sun to lighten your locks (that’s so circa 1998 and no, it didn't work). This Teacher on Summer Break Challenge Checklist will get your mind clear of school and get it wired for fun!


Let’s dive right in (warm beach resort pool style)!

1. Out of Office!

Set it, forget it, tell everyone you will be checking periodically starting in AUGUST (no, not June or July)! Be sure to list who they need to contact for immediate assistance.


2. Meet-Up!

Set-up a weekly meet-up with one of your friends. Bonus points if they are a teacher who can go to lunch, happy hour, or mid-day walks on the fly!


3. Get Busy!

Put that book on Hold at the library, download that podcast SERIES (may I recommend this one), or purchase those concert tickets and go and do! Summer doesn’t really start until you are ‘busying’ yourself with something you love at 1pm on a Wednesday!


4. Book It!

Make a reservation at new restaurant , enjoy high tea at a fancy hotel, grab that last seat at the pottery painting studio, or book some plane tickets to see family.


5. Check It Off!

Get that one thing that has been sitting on your to-do list ALL SCHOOL off on the 1st day of summer! You will feel good. So, make a plan to get that task accomplished and your summer will be primed and ready for success.


If you are serious about getting into Summer Mode (yes, it’s a real mode), then download the Summer Challenge sheet here! The Teacher on Summer Break Challenge Checklist page prints 2- so give one to that 1st year teacher down the hall, they really need it! If you dominate the challenge, then snap a picture of your completed Summer Challenge sheet, post it to Instagram, and tag @aloveforspeciallearning

Stay relaxed!

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