12 Days of Inspiration- Teaching Resources I Like

special education teachers teacher experience Dec 02, 2019

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Dec 2nd- Emergency or Not an emergency by SPED and Tacos



I’ve successfully used this resource in my classroom! I had two support staff lead discussions with a small group as I worked one-to-one with students. There is a great variety of scenarios and they were applicable to my transition aged young adults!


Dec 3rd- Read Nutrition Label Task Cards by SpedAdulting



I’ve successfully used this in my classroom! I had a substitute teacher lead a review of nutrition labels using these task cards. The students stay seated and were given 30 seconds to answer the question and place a clothes pin on the right answer. Then, they passed it to their peer who checked their answer, they could change the answer if they thought it was wrong, and it kept going until everyone had seen the card. At the end, if the answer was right, the class got a point! After earning a specific number of points, they got recreation and leisure time.


Dec 4th- Grow With Us Podcast



I attended Angie and April’s session at TPT Forward Conference in Austin this past July and was so inspired! I started listening to their podcast and it gets me thinking and motivated every-single-time!


Dec 5th- Social Skill Task Cards by Pathways 2 Success



This resource is on my Wishlist! I’ve been eyeing this resource to use with my Transition level students who need support in knowing how to tackle different social situations. My plan is to use this during our morning check-in time and review a different situation each day.


Dec 6th- EveryGirl Desktop Wallpapers



This blog is run by women! They offer beautiful and fun computer and phone backgrounds each month. I love to switch up my computer background and I almost always use one of theirs!


Dec 9th- WH Question Posters by Speech Teach Play



I’ve successfully used this resource in my classroom! These posters are simple, but exactly what I was looking for when I wanted Wh question visual for the bulletin board behind my desk. I do a Talk & Tell each morning with my class and I use these visuals to show how I ask follow-up questions during the conversation.


Dec 10th- Digital Safety Sort by The Techie Teacher


This resource is on my Wishlist! I want to buy this resource every time I hear that one of my students has made a poor internet or social media choice. I think I would use this resource over a week of morning mini-lessons about internet safety.


Dec 11th- Print on Post its Template (FREE) by Sisters Who Share!



Super easy way to share positive notes and reminders with staff, students, and parents!


Dec 12th- 30 Day Blog Challenge from Grow with Us



I HAVE to feature this FREE resource from Angie and April’s TPT Forward conference session. If you blog, then take advantage of this resource to help you map out the best plan for your blog.


Dec 13th- Data Entry by The Autism Helper



I’ve successfully used this resource in my classroom! I mainly use this as a ‘pre-test’ with students (or students' parents) who express interest in working with computers. It’s a great way for me to see how comfortable they are on a computer, how accurate their data entry skills are, and if they are stronger entering in numbers or words.


Dec 16th- Growth Mindset Posters



I’ve successfully used this in my classroom! I love the messages, the colors, and the adult age style graphics!


Dec 17th- TPT Conference Chicago 2019



I didn’t realize how valuable, inspiring, and uplifting this conference was until TheSpanishBrew.com pushed me to attend last July. If you are on the fence, GO. You won’t be disappointed. And, Chicago is an incredible city to visit!

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