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consumer math special education teachers teacherspayteachers Nov 03, 2021

When something works well, there isn’t a need to fix it. However, when you can improve it and expand it, why not?  

The Functional Weekly Practice worksheets are a big hit and a single page version is included in every Consumer Math Lesson Unit.

I was recently reflecting on my Consumer Math Lesson Units and thought, ‘hey, the weekly practice could ALSO be specific to consumer math topics and not just daily math concepts!’

The light went on and I started creating...



Having taught a consumer math class (or personal finance or financial literacy) self-contained class at the high school level and many years of transition, I’m quite familiar with the math skills that students struggle with and need constant repetition to master.


I honed in on 7 consumer math skills, including:

  1. Budget- Do you have enough cash (picture of bills) to cover a cost (amount in numbers)
  2. Budget- Is the total cost (amount in numbers) within a budget (amount in numbers)
  3. Cost comparison- Which item is the better value
  4. Write a check
  5. Balancing a checking account value- subtract check value from a checking account value in numbers
  6. Calculating income- hourly wage x number of hours worked
  7. Calculating 10% or 15% of an amount (to save in a savings account)

Since I am a person who thrives on routine, I created 40 versions of the worksheet so one could be used every week of school plus a couple extras for random activities (like when you have a substitute teacher).


Perks of the resource:

  • No prep- Answer keys are included
  • Print and go OR use the Easel feature to send electronically
  • Age appropriate graphics, colors, and questions for high school and transition students
  • Use for your consumer math class, life skills class, or to collect data for IEP goals
  • Each page is numbered to make grading and tracking a breeze
Now, where in your schedule could you start using these consumer math skill worksheets?

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