The Windy City- Chicago Things to Do Travel Guide for TPT Forward

special education teachers teacher experience teacherspayteachers Feb 27, 2020

First, I HIGHLY recommend you visit the great city of Chicago the next chance you get. I’m biased as I’ve lived here for over 10 years, but this city truly has a lot to offer! The sights, location, entertainment, and the food (oh, the FOOD) are all spectacular.


If you plan to attend the TPT Forward Conference 2020, then you should start making your Chicago Things To Do list for how to spend your free time now! Download the FREE guide HERE!


I worked alongside my friend The Spanish Brew and we compiled our Chicago Things To Do recommendations (complete with direct links) for restaurants, bars, shopping, beach spots, family friend options, Navy Pier, the Riverwalk, and more!


Even if the conference isn’t on your Summer 2020 calendar, a visit to Chicago should be!


My Top Recommendations:



Monteverde- Oh, the food is just incredible! I always order a bowl of their Cacio Whey Pepe and trust me, you will not be disappointed. (They are open for lunch!)



Joe’s Import Wine- Start your West Loop/Restaurant Row walking tour with an awesome glass of wine. Stop by the bar, grab the Parmesan Puffs, and talk to the bartender about your wine preferences (they also sell beer and spirits), and trust that you will enjoy a glass of wine you won’t soon forget!



Walk along Lake Michigan. The water is beautiful, calming, and yes, on a good day you can see Indiana!


Extra Recommendation (not included in the guide)- Walk to the Chicago Cultural Center (Michigan and Washington) and check out the Tiffany Domes. It’s free, close to the conference hotel, will take about 15 minutes, and I guarantee your jaw will drop!


So, stop by my TPT store and download the Chicago Guide today!

Hopefully you've rounded out your list of things to do in Chicago and are ready for July! Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @aloveforspeciallearning and DM me with any questions!

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