101 Best Fidget Toys for Teens and Adults with Autism & ADHD

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Visual Fidgets for Adults

Please do NOT buy that fidget box full of random rainbow-colored fidgets, and I hope it will meet the needs of teens and adults!  You are bound to find that they are small in size, simple, and limited in use.  

So, I made a list of the best fidget toys out there for older kids, teens, and adults with disabilities, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)!  


What is a Fidget Toy?

Fidgets are small handheld toys or objects that can be moved or manipulated to relieve stress by bringing joy to the user, providing a distraction from another task, or meeting a sensory need through visual, auditory, or tactile input.  A fidget is different from educational games and problem-solving toys.  


Fidget objects are small enough to fit in one hand and often require the user's motor skills to operate. Most fidgets require one's fine motor skills, too, while others can be operated by larger gross motor movements. Also, take note of the choking hazard risk of fidgets with small parts.    


While typically associated with the special needs, ADHD, and autistic community (with many using 'autism fidget toy' or 'adhd fidget toys' in the item's title), fidgets are used and loved by everyone, including typically developing individuals, because they are a great way to meet sensory needs and/or provide distraction or stress relief.  


Fidgets are powerful tools that can be used in sensory rooms or sensory tables, by special education teachers in the classroom setting, or by occupational therapists to help students block out extraneous sensory information or to meet a sensory processing need.   


Choosing the Right Fidget Toys

When choosing a fidget toy, consider the teen or adult's personal preference (like different colors), preferred sensory inputs, their targeted sensory systems (e.g., tactile awareness), the purpose of the need for a fidget (stress relief, distraction, or sensory input), and the different times when they would need to use it.  A conscious match between the fidget and the user's preferred movements of objects and sensory considerations can make great fidgets meaningful and useful for the teen or adult.  


Fidgets should not be bought just because they are the most visually appealing or because something is marketed as an adult fidget toy. A fidget toy should meet the individual's needs and be age-appropriate! This includes selecting age-appropriate sizing, colors, and themes.  Also, one fidget may not meet an individual's different sensory needs, and therefore, they may benefit from a variety of different fidgets. When selecting fidgets for students to use in the classroom or learning environment, teacher-approved fidgets are usually those that are quiet or silent and more discrete.  


The good news is that fidget toys are more than just classic stress balls, flippy chain, fidget spinners, and bouncy bands you see at the end of a kid's toy section aisle.  Much like the function of stim toys, some fidgets have different textures and different sizes and operate by a user's repetitive behaviors (shaking, flicking, pulling).  They can be useful tools and a satisfying sensory experience.  



101 Sensory Fidget Toys for Teens and Adults with Disabilities, Autism, and ADHD

  1. Silent & Quiet Fidget Toys
  2. Single Action Fidgets
  3. Multi-Action Fidgets
  4. Proprioceptive Input Fidgets
  5. Infinity & Visually Appealing Fidgets



Silent & Quiet Fidget Toys

Fidgets that are silent or have a quiet noise level when in use.  Silent and quiet fidgets are an ideal choice for students in class and adults working closely with others as these will not be a sound distraction.  


Crochet Pop Its


Swirfi Fidget


Fidget Pincher


Smart Phone Fidget


Mini Marble Discreet Fidget Maze


Spinning Pen


Quiet Fidgers Variety Pack (available in a variety of pastel colors)


Spinning Gear Stick Fidget


Button Tap Fidget


Mini Black UFO Spinner


Labyrinth Puzzle Box


Roller Stick Keychain


Twisting Christmas Tree Fidget


Silent Rolling Ball Board Fidget


Pocket Size Picking Pad (small pieces come out)


Olive Wood Stress Balls


Double Ended Roller Pod


Smooth Movement Tower Fidget


Marble Maze Finger Fidget


Wearable Bracelet Bead Pull Fidget





Single-Action Fidgets

Simple fidgets for those who may want only to use one hand or weaker fine motor skills.  


Autism Spinner Pin


Large Sliding Disc


Gliding Slider Fidget


Mini Adult Pop It on Keychain


Flick Fidget (only available in bright neon colors)


Quiet Metal Link Rolling Squishe


Switch Clicker Fidget


Multi Minute Spinner Fidget (or matte single-color fidget spinner)


Joystick Thumb Fidget


Flexible Snaking Cat Fidget or Flexible Articulated Slug (available in various colors and lengths) 


Clicking Keyboard Fidget (available in various colors)


Stainless Steel Spinning Top


Wooden Ball Connected Twisting Fidget


Marble Collider Fidget


Double Press to Toggle Fidget


Sliding Magnetic Pillar Sticks Fidget


Click Clack Crochet Fidget


Liquid Motion Falling Sequins Keychain Fidget


Twisty Tangle Fidget


Tetrahedron Gears Shape Shifting Fidget




Multi-Action Fidgets

A fidget that can do more than one thing, allowing for more types of use.  


Click Stick (available in a variety of colors)


Magnetic Sliding Disc (comes in many, many colors for customization)


Steel Ball Orbitor


Magnetic Yogi Sticks


Multifunction Portable Fidget


Endless Magic Cube Orbit Ball


Glow in the Dark Fidget Pen



Magnetic Fidget Pen


Bike Chain Tangle


Mini Finger Fidget Cube


Magnetic Clicker Haptic Fidget


Flipping & Spinning Disc


Two Handed Ball Maze or Ball Run Fidget


Fidget8 Multi Spin Fidget


Cylcloid Gear Fidget


Serenity Sensory Stick


Longshot Ball and Chain Fidget


Triple Zipper Fidget


Ramen Noodles Stretch or Shimmy Fidget


Hexel Puzzle Piece Fidget





Proprioceptive Input Fidgets

Proprioception is knowing where one's body is and it's movement and strength.  


Soft Tinkerball Sensory Balls


Large Sensory Squishy Balls


Metallic Stress Balls


Chainmetal Stress Ball


Lavender-Scented Stress Balls


Large Stress Ball Fidget


Stress Relief Massaging Finger Rings


Super Stretchy Strings


Flow Fidget Rings Arm Bracelet


Stretch Squisy Cubes


Squeeze Clicker


Flexible Stone Silly Putty


Pull and Stretch Pop Tubes


Pull Crochet Spiral Ribbon Key Chains


Mini Expanding Breathing Sphere Fidget


Foot Rest Sensory Fidget


Aromatherapy Stress Putty


Rocking Foot Rest for Under Chair


Resistance Rubber Band for Body or Fingers or Hands or Arms


Soft Sensory Stretch Bracelet





Infinity & Visually Appealing Fidgets

Fidgets that are visually attractive or never-ending!   Make note that some visual fidgets may cause sensory overstimulation for some.  


Orbi Beads


Infinity Worm Fidget


Infinity Cube Fidget


Shape Shifting Box (available in a variety of colors/designs)


Desk Spinning Ball


Tornado Fidget


Chainmail Moveable Sheet Fidget


Gyro Gimbal Fidget


Mobius Infinity Crochet Ball


Hexagon Super Fidget


Rolling Balls Fidget Flip


Gyroscope Spinning Fidget


Liquid Motion Sensory Disc


Optical Illusion Spinning Coin


Rippling Waves Circle


Self-Closing Twist Container


Metallic Tangle Rope


Forever Turning Sculpture


Do Nothing Grinder


Mini Lollipopter


Mini Colored Prism



I hope this list helps you find your favorite fidgets as there are benefits of fidget toys for everyone.  


If you are looking for adult autism toys and other sensory solutions, check out the 101 Sensory Toys List blog post.  If you have a larger budget and want other ideas besides fidgets, check out my blog post about how I would spend a $1,000 budget.  



*Above is a list of fidget tools, all of which are available for purchase from Etsy and Amazon. Amazon Prime members (which so many of us are nowadays) get free shipping on most products and have the best delivery times.  Etsy is a global marketplace that offers mostly made-to-order items and handmade pieces, which make them more unique than mass-market fidget toys.  Purchases can be made using the Amazon and Etsy app or website.  It is important to note that I earn a very small commission (like pennies) from the Amazon links below; however, the price for you is the same.



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