Safety Skills Worksheets: The Comprehensive Weekly Workbook You Need

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When you think of safety skills you probably think of teaching students to wear oven mitts when using the oven, to not share their personal information with strangers, and to lock the door when they are home alone.
You probably embed safety skills into specific lessons (like kitchen safety and independent living lessons) when applicable.  You probably also give verbal reminders in real time, like looking both ways before crossing the street while out in the community on a trip.
If you are seeking ways to review faaaaarrrrr more safety skills on a regular basis, then this Safety Skills Worksheet Workbook is perfect for your classroom!  Want to try before you buy?  Grab 1 page of the Safety Skills Weekly Worksheet Workbook for FREE! 

Why It’s Awesome

Besides covering a wide range of important safety skills, let me tell you what other awesomeness this resource includes.
> It’s important for me to have resources that are age appropriate in terms of graphics, font, and colors with a clean design and age-relevant questions.  This resource is no different.  It was created with a more mature student in mind (i.e. high school and transition age).   Students deserve better than oddly-shaped cartoon people. 
> Vocabulary is simple, which is ideal for your lower-level readers. 
> There is a variety of question response styles on each page, including checkboxes, multiple choice, circle pictures, and thumbs up/thumbs down.  
> Each page has 4 questions and the safety skill topics vary, so your student’s won’t be overwhelmed nor will it become monotonous. 
> There are visual answer keys and it’s NO PREP!  Seriously!  You just print, project, and go!


What Safety Skills are Included

When creating the categories to include in this resource I wanted it to span more than just the obvious safety topics, like cooking, being home alone, and personal information.  I thought back through my experience and what the most common safety concerns I had for my students, like body privacy at the local fitness center and general community safety.  I also pulled from my experience talking with families about their common safety concerns, like relationships and scam text messages.  
So, this resource spans a wide range of safety topics and is most appropriate for high school and transition age students because the questions have come from my teaching experience (which we all know is so valuable to quality resources). 
The full list of safety skill topics included in the resource:
  • Traveling 
  • Scams
  • Digital
  • Kitchen and cooking
  • Relationships
  • Eating
  • Safe in weather and outside
  • Medicine
  • Home alone
  • Safe strangers
  • Community
  • Personal information 
  • Privacy in public
  • Money
  • and more!


When to Use It

Like most of my workbooks, this resource has 36 pages and is intended for 1 page to be used weekly (for example- Safety Thursday).  If you use that structure, this resource should last a whole school year.  You could also use this resource daily and it would last you about two months.
Now, if you are looking for other ways to use this resource (especially if you begin using it mid-year), then consider throwing a few pages in your emergency sub folder or distance learning packet.  The visual answer keys are perfect for having a substitute use or to accompany in the packet for checking answers at home.
You could also focus specifically on safety for a whole month.  Safety in September has a nice ring to it!  These pages would be ideal for nightly homework!
Lastly, you could use this to assess a student’s understanding of safety in a variety of contexts, which may help you to develop transition or independent living goals.  

I strive to create meaningful, engaging, and age appropriate resources and this Safety Skills Worksheet Workbook is no different.  I hope it generates meaningful discussion and learning in your classroom!

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